Emily Bergeson

Utah Senate District 7

Candidate of the United Utah Party

Emily has lived all over the world, but calls Utah home. This is where she spent the most time going to school and raising her family. She has a Business degree from BYU, has worked for multiple start-ups, is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, works as a professional interpreter, and actively blogs about politics and civil engagement.

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It’s been a journey educating myself on these issues. I hope to be able to explain the important elements of each one. If you’re like me, though, there are times I just want to scan and find the information I’m looking for. I get it. But my main concern is not to show you how smart, or amazing I am… My concern is to show you how important and amazing you are. Variety in governing is what keeps our nation healthy and strong. If we all just got in line behind one person and let him or her do all the work, that’s not democracy. That’s not even a Republic. Each person must still be engaged and involved in the process and feel that their values and concerns are being properly considered.

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United Utah Party

I’m proud to be a candidate with the United Utah Party. As a moderate party, the goal is to seek to bridge the gap between voters and government. Members of the party, and candidates, seek to promote key reforms that check the power of elected officials and keep money out of politics. Find out more at unitedutah.org

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